Got A Winter Skin Rash? This May Be The Surprising Cause Of Those Red Bumps

Do you ever get a winter face rash like this one and wonder what’s causing it? Every winter, without fail, people contact me and say, “The skin on my face, chin and neck is getting rough, dry and red. What do you think this is from?” When the skin flares up, there are so many factors to consider — not just the products you’re using, but habits and lifestyle as well.

A common cause for this red, bumpy winter face rash is…

When I saw this cry for help from Lindsey, a beauty editor, on Instagram stories, I had to step in and try to figure it out for her. Since I knew she was in New York where the weather is currently 14° F and windy, I asked her this simple question: “Have you been wearing a wool scarf to cover your face?” She immediately replied back “OMG, yes!” and attached a photo of her scarf’s label, which read “100% wool.”

So there you go, it turns out her wool scarf was the cause of t... Read More

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Why is Skin Care Regimen Important?

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People who have diabetes and auto-immune diseases are prone to skin damage and wounds which when left untreated can result in serious health issues. One of my friend’s parents underwent something similar when they visited a dermatologist for help with extremely cracked feet. While taking the necessary treatment, it turned out that some infection spread from the cracked heel to the entire leg immediately within a day and pus started to pour out of the wound. It has been over a month and the wound is still undergoing treatment.

This is when I realized skin care is not just about vanity but has a long term impact on your health. Skin is the biggest protection against germs and environmental assaults on our body. Over time neglect, from a few weeks to few years, can damage this barrier and the effects are usually visible instantly when you begin to see your skin cracking or turning ext... Read More

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6 Ways Your House is Making You Sick

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This winter has been uncomfortably cold for Hyderabad. Interestingly, prior to the cold was the season of allergy when almost everyone was or still is suffering from cold and cough and flu and what not. Changing seasons are hard on the body, especially when your immune system is not at its best. But, did you know that your house is making you sick?

The dust mites, mold, cockroaches and pollens could be the foremost reasons for your headaches, congestion, sinus and even mental health.The interesting part is that these culprits continue staying in your house making you sick long after the allergy season is over. The situation can worsen to trigger allergic asthma.

Usually, in these situations there is not much you can really do except trying to eliminate the dust mites, mold and pollen from your house as much as possible or prevent their entry... Read More

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5 Tips To Keep Your Skin Soft And Nourished During Winter

Winter may be welcoming to many people, but they are definitely not so great for your skin. Low humidity and cold weather cause dry air which effortlessly dries up your skin and makes it look duller and duller every day. Hence, skin care during winter is extremely important.

Skin care regime during winters has to be regular and sincere. If immediate attention is not provided to the skin, then your skin will crack up and even bleed. But, how to do that? Well, we have 5 tips that can help you in treating your skin the right way during winters.

1. Lukewarm Water Helps A Great Deal

Everyone loves to bathe in hot water during winter. While the feeling is good, you might be hurting your skin. It is recommended that when you wash your face, you should use lukewarm water instead—this way you will prevent your skin from losing out essential oils that help your skin look younger and healthier.

2. Get A Good Moisturizer

The first thing you should shop for is a ... Read More

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5 Things You Should Not Do To Your Skin

Skincare is one of the basics of personal care, and one cannot be reckless about the same. While we may spend away a huge chunk of money on beauty treatments, you will not be able to reap many benefits in case you are ignorant about certain facts regardingskin care treatment.

You must have looked up the Internet various ways to ensure healthy and beautiful skin; however, we often forget the area which probably needs more attention—the things we must not do to our skin. In this article, you will be made aware of such things which must not be done to the skin.

Read below to find out more about those 5 things:

1. Picking At Pimples And Blemishes

Okay, we know, it is quite tempting to break those unsightly protruding pimples and blemishes, but, if you want a scar-free skin, then you must restrain yourself. We will give you two reasons why you should not pick at them.

First, upon popping, your face will be left with a scar which does not fade away i... Read More

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The Four Types of Skin Sensitivity — Which One Are You?

Whenever I’m talking with clients, I’ll always ask them if they have sensitive skin, and four out of five people will say “yes”. Almost everyone thinks their skin is sensitive, but it’s important to understand the specific type of sensitivity you’re experiencing so you can know how to treat and prevent it.

What is Sensitive Skin?

Sensitive skin is difficult to define because the definition can be different for everyone. Generally speaking, though, I view sensitive skin as skin that is easily reactive (meaning, you have to think twice before you slather on any new products). I would divide people with sensitive skin into two categories: those who truly have a genetic predisposition for sensitivity and those who are making their skin sensitive because of something they’re doing. Most people struggling with sensitivity fall into the latter category. If you’re wondering how to know if you have sensitive skin, consider that the people most likely to ex... Read More

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5 Make-Up Tips For Women With Dark Skin

Every skin type has different requirements, and there is no type better than others. Thus, we need to give special attention to our skin type to reap maximum benefits from the treatment and ensure a glowing and healthy skin.

Make-up is a common way of embellishing one’s skin; however, one should not go overboard with it and must be reasonable about the same. This is especially necessary for women with dark skin. Women with dark skin tones must be extra careful about putting on makeup because it can cause a big difference in the appearance.

We have 5 makeup tips to offer to such ladies to ensure that they get the perfect makeup for their perfect skin tone.

1. Moisturising The Skin

You cannot miss out on this activity before applying make-up. Women with dark skin tone usually go through dryness issues which cause their skin to appear ashy. Hence, moisturizing the skin regularly retains the moisture in the skin and prevents or fades away the ashy look.</p... Read More

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Extracting The Medicinal Powers of Calendula – Which Method is Best?

Let's take a look! Alert: most of them Read more" It's been ages since I started working with this fabulous plant, and because science has become caught up studying the longtime historical applications and documenting more and more about the incontrovertible powers of the botanical, I thought it was about time we revisited why pot marigold is much more than the pretty face. There's another reason. Since it may be used to make extracts in a plethora of ways, tons of you have asked me what exactly the extraction technique is.... Read More

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