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Skincare is one of the basics of personal care, and one cannot be reckless about the same. While we may spend away a huge chunk of money on beauty treatments, you will not be able to reap many benefits in case you are ignorant about certain facts regardingskin care treatment.

You must have looked up the Internet various ways to ensure healthy and beautiful skin; however, we often forget the area which probably needs more attention—the things we must not do to our skin. In this article, you will be made aware of such things which must not be done to the skin.

Read below to find out more about those 5 things:

1. Picking At Pimples And Blemishes

Okay, we know, it is quite tempting to break those unsightly protruding pimples and blemishes, but, if you want a scar-free skin, then you must restrain yourself. We will give you two reasons why you should not pick at them.

First, upon popping, your face will be left with a scar which does not fade away i… Read More

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