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Do you ever get a winter face rash like this one and wonder what’s causing it? Every winter, without fail, people contact me and say, “The skin on my face, chin and neck is getting rough, dry and red. What do you think this is from?” When the skin flares up, there are so many factors to consider — not just the products you’re using, but habits and lifestyle as well.

A common cause for this red, bumpy winter face rash is…

When I saw this cry for help from Lindsey, a beauty editor, on Instagram stories, I had to step in and try to figure it out for her. Since I knew she was in New York where the weather is currently 14° F and windy, I asked her this simple question: “Have you been wearing a wool scarf to cover your face?” She immediately replied back “OMG, yes!” and attached a photo of her scarf’s label, which read “100% wool.”

So there you go, it turns out her wool scarf was the cause of t… Read More

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