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Image Courtesy : Burst via pexels.com

People who have diabetes and auto-immune diseases are prone to skin damage and wounds which when left untreated can result in serious health issues. One of my friend’s parents underwent something similar when they visited a dermatologist for help with extremely cracked feet. While taking the necessary treatment, it turned out that some infection spread from the cracked heel to the entire leg immediately within a day and pus started to pour out of the wound. It has been over a month and the wound is still undergoing treatment.

This is when I realized skin care is not just about vanity but has a long term impact on your health. Skin is the biggest protection against germs and environmental assaults on our body. Over time neglect, from a few weeks to few years, can damage this barrier and the effects are usually visible instantly when you begin to see your skin cracking or turning ext… Read More

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